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Welcome to the Skytamer Images “SkyCardShop”

Thank you for visiting “The SkyCardShop”, … the eBay trading card shop for the Skytamer Images aviation website. The SkyCardShop specializes in aviation related trading cards, vintage military trading cards, vintage non-sports trading cards, aviation photos, aviation books, aviation magazines, and aviation memorabilia.

Since 2002, we have been buying vintage aviation and military related non-sports cards to feature on our website. We are not card collectors per se. Instead, we collect card images! We only acquire cards so we may scan them, and then include their images in the Airplane Trading Cards section of our website. After we have purchased and scanned a card, it is in reality of no further use to us, so it is then placed up for auction or sale on our SkyCardShop. This provides us with a means to place the cards back into the hands of real collectors and for us to recoup some of the monies that we have spent to purchase and document the card sets.

We are currently in the process of populating the Airplane Trading Cards section of with approximately 400+ non-sports card sets (about 20,000+ cards), mostly aviation related. Be sure to visit the Airplane Trading Cards section of our website. Via our SkyCardShop, we should eventually be able to post our entire inventory of non-sports cards.

In the Airplane Trading Cards section of our website, we provide histories of the individual sets, original 600-dpi scans (whenever possible) of the fronts and backs of the cards, computer restored/enhanced 600-dpi images of the fronts and backs of the cards, and 8½: × 11 inch PDF checklists of the sets that you may download and print. Buy the way, if you print out the 600-dpi images on photo paper and trim them, you can make great full-size “filler images” to insert into your various card collections until you eventually replace the cards with real ones. The Airplane Trading Cards section also serves as an ideal Image Guide resource for spotting possible cards to obtain for your various non-sports card collections.

If you have a particular aviation or military related vintage non-sports card that you are hunting for, chances are we may have it. So, feel free to send your want-list(s) to Try to send only one email per set to help us sort out your needs. If we have your card(s), we'll contact you first, and then post on our SkyCardShop or get them pay for them via the “Send Money” option on PayPal.

As a side-note we are always looking for help to complete some of the airplane trading card sets via Skytamer "Family" members to help us with card scans. If you have any aviation or military related cards that can help us “fill in the gaps” on our website, or upgrade card images, we would certainly appreciate your help. We use only 600-dpi color 100% quality JPG scans for normal size cards, and 300-dpi color 100% quality JPG scans for large cards, i.e. 5 × 7 inches or larger. We prefer receiving card images (fronts and backs of all cards) sent to via However, if you are only sending us a few card images, send them directly to We also like to acknowledge our contributors “Skytamer Family Members” by placing their bio and picture in the “Contributors” section for each webpage for which their card scans are used. So, if you would like to become a Skytamer “Family” member, please let us know. An example of a typical bio (my bio) may be viewed via the following link: John Shupek bio.

Again, best wishes and thank you for your order. We're looking forward to dealing with you!

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